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Honeycomb Board Carton Box - ZYD Paper Co., Ltd

Honeycomb board cartons are widely used for packaging due to their excellent strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and eco-friendliness. They are made by sandwiching a honeycomb core between two sheets of paper or cardboard. 

The production process of honeycomb board cartons starts with the creation of the honeycomb core. The core is made by gluing together layers of paper or cardboard in a honeycomb pattern. The core is then cut to size and sandwiched between two sheets of paper or cardboard to create a strong and lightweight board. The board is then cut and folded into the desired shape and size to create the final carton.

The importance of using honeycomb board cartons instead of corrugated boxes lies in the fact that honeycomb board cartons provide better protection for the contents inside. The honeycomb structure of the board provides superior cushioning, shock absorption, and impact resistance, making it ideal for shipping delicate or fragile items. Additionally, honeycomb board cartons are lightweight, which reduces shipping costs and lowers the environmental impact of transportation when compared to wood cartons.  Overall, honeycomb board cartons offer a better solution for packaging and shipping products than traditional corrugated boxes or wood cartons.

honeycomb carton - heavy duty packaging


Honeycomb Board Carton Box

Honeycomb board cartons are way stronger than corrugated boxes rendering them capable of performing heavy-duty functions that corrugated cartons cannot perform.  For example, our customers are using them to house TV sets for better protection.  The advantages are as follow:

Assembly Type Honeycomb Pallet for reducing shipping space


Assemble Honeycomb Box

Shipping Cost is quite a big concern nowadays because of high transportation costs.  We design our heavy-duty honeycomb carton to be compact for storing and shipping yet can perform the same job well.

ZYD Honeycomb Carton with Built-In Pallet


Honeycomb Carton With Built-In Pallet

Pallet boxes are a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to timber crates. They are shipped flat, increasing your warehouse utilisation and are also lighter in weight, reducing your shipping costs and carbon emissions.

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We work constantly with overseas customers to design and manufacture their honeycomb boxes not only satisfying their needs but exceeding their expectations!


Your Box Can Be Taylor-Made

Custom making a honeycomb board carton for packaging can provide several benefits for a customer, including:

  1. Protection of the product: Honeycomb board cartons are a durable packaging solution that can offer excellent protection to the product inside. By customizing the carton to fit the specific dimensions and requirements of the product, customers can ensure that their product is well-protected during shipping and handling.

  2. Cost-effectiveness: Custom honeycomb board cartons can be designed to minimize material waste, reducing costs and making the packaging solution more environmentally friendly.

  3. Branding opportunities: Customizing the honeycomb board carton with a company logo or design can help increase brand recognition and awareness. This can be an effective marketing strategy, particularly for e-commerce businesses where the packaging can serve as a form of advertising.

  4. Sustainable packaging: Honeycomb board cartons are made from renewable materials and are recyclable, making them a more sustainable option than many other types of packaging. By customizing the carton to fit the product, customers can further reduce waste and environmental impact.

Overall, custom making a honeycomb board carton for packaging can provide a range of benefits for customers, including improved product protection, cost-effectiveness, branding opportunities, and sustainability.

Assembly Type Honeycomb Board Carton for Heavy Duty Packaging

Assembly Type Honeycomb Box

Developed for a customer in Spain, this assembly type honeycomb cardboard carton is made with a top, a bottom, 4 sides, and 4 corner protectors which are stacked during shipping.

Honeycomb Board Carton for Heavy Duty Packaging

Heavy Duty Honeycomb Carton

We made professionally strong heavy duty honeycomb carton.  These were custom-made for a US customer.

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