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Honeycomb Board Products Make the Differences!

Paper honeycomb board products are excellent alternatives to polystyrene, foam, and corrugated materials. Our 100% recyclable honeycomb solutions not only offer practical packaging options but also provide environmental consultation support where needed. The lightweight honeycomb material caters to a wide range of eco-friendly products such as corner edge protection, void fillers, layer pads, and customized solutions to address complex packaging and shipping issues. This makes us the preferred partner for cardboard packaging in various sectors such as electrical appliances, industrial parts, automotive parts, windows, doors, food and drink, logistics, and transportation. With our experienced technical team that uses innovative and creative approaches to solve problems, we provide environmentally sustainable and cost-effective protective packaging solutions that simply work.

About Us

Over 20 Years of Experience in Honeycomb Board Products

“Dongguan ZhongYueDa paper Co., Ltd. (ZYD in short) is a professional manufacturer, exporter and supplier of honeycomb board products for packaging and industrial solutions.  Located in Dongguan city,  the company was established in 2001 with great success at the beginning.  The main products are honeycomb cardboards, honeycomb sheets, honeycomb carton boxes, honeycomb pallets & runners, and honeycomb paper.  The company is experienced in providing tailor-made and innovative packaging solutions.  

ZYD’s vision is to provide eco-friendly packaging solutions to reduce the usage of plastic and to replace styrofoam & solid wood with honeycomb board products.   ZYD has successfully developed a wide range sustainable packaging solutions for different industries all across the globe.

Why Us

Total Solutions in Honeycomb Board Products

ZYD offers a variety of honeycomb packaging solutions including; transportation dunnage, inner product protection during shipments, packaging fillers, and pallets.  With our creativity and innovation, we have developed more successful uses such as display posters, cold chain packaging boxes, and advertising attractions.

Honeycomb Board Products - Overview

Honeycomb Board Products

Honeycomb board products are often used as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional packaging materials such as plastic and Styrofoam.  It can be easily molded into various shapes and sizes to fit products and provide cushioning and protection during shipping.  We manufacture a good number of products from honeycomb boards:

Honeycomb Board Products - Boards

Honeycomb Board

Honeycomb board provides exceptional compression strength and rigidity. Its hexagonal inner cellular structure and superior raw material mean it can withstand impact and excessive loads – perfect for heavy-duty use.

Honeycomb Fitment for Packaging - ZYD honeycomb board products

Honeycomb Packaging

Honeycomb boards can easily be cut to any shape or size using custom die-cut and CNC technology. Shape-cut honeycomb board is ideal for housing sensitive components and completely eradicates movement inside a crate.

Honeycomb Board Products - Honeycomb Die Cut Boards - ZYD Paper Co., Ltd

Die Cut Display

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Honeycomb Display Boards - ZYD Paper Co., Ltd

Display Poster boards

Environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, rigid boards, Honeycomb boards are ideal for exhibitions or one-off usage

honeycomb core paper - ZYD Paper Co., Ltd.

Honeycomb Paper Core

Honeycomb core paper alone is a good material for packaging and display. ZYD has our own plant for making honeycomb core paper in different sizes and raw materials.

Honeycomb Board Products - Honeycomb Carton Box - ZYD Paper Co., Ltd

Honeycomb Heavy Duty Carton

Honeycomb is great for packaging due to its light weight and high strength, we custom design and manufacture packaging solutions for all valuables, using the highest quality raw materials.

Honeycomb Pallet - ZYD Paper Co., Ltd

Honeycomb Pallet

Honeycomb pallets provide a unique, lightweight pallet option, with unbeatable strength and far better humidity resistance than paper pallets. Save time and money by using honeycomb pallets instead of traditional wood pallets.

Honeycomb Runners

Runners & Corner Protection

Honeycomb board is a fantastic form of pallet runners and edge protection; it has superior shock absorbency and can be bent around narrow corners to provide a very strong and shock-absorbing edge. For items like tv-sets, marble, glass tops, tables, paintings, and frames, this provides outstanding corner damage prevention. Honeycomb board can be used by itself or in addition to standard edge board.

Cold Chain Box - ZYDHoneycomb Boards

Cold Chains Box

Honeycomb cold chain thermal box liners are made with a layer of food safe and water proof coating and can provide the ultimate in protection for shipping temperature-sensitive products such as prepared meals, chocolate, fresh flowers, groceries, pharmaceuticals and more. It offers both thermal and physical protection as your products make their way through delivery.

Quarter Statistics

Export Sales add up to 60% our company’s total sales.  The most needed items during the past 3 months were: honeycomb boards, pallets & runners,  heavy duty carton boxes, and also cold chain boxes.

Our Sucess Step By Step

ZYD's honeycomb board work shop
  • Establishment

    Set up factory in 2001 with 2 lines of fully high speed honeycomb board lines and a line of honeycomb core paper making line.

  • Product Development

    Apart from honeycomb board, we started to develope our unique constructions for making honeycomb pallet, runners, pallets & other honeycomb packaging prodcuts right after factory establishment.

  • Provide Solutions To Customers

    Provided solutions to customers for specialty packaging like cold chain, wine, surfboard and display board. etc.

  • International Credentials

    Obtained ISO9001 certificate in 2015 and granted FSC certificate in 2021.

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